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Belly fairing support rods

Wing box rods

Tail cone rods

Underwing panel rods

Rotor link assy rods

Main gear box rods

Fly control rods

ESC-A rods

Support sphere rods

Structure to vessel link rods

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We can design the product you need specifically for you. With our extensive experience, we will offer you the best compromise according to your requirements.

Seamless monobloc products or adjustable connecting rods, force limiting or rotary devices, in a cryogenic environment or motor zone, we possess, and can implement, the technologies that are adapted to your needs.

We implement processes such as hot or cold swaging, high speed machining on hard materials, painting, heat treatment, non-destructive testing …

Our products can be found in most aircrafts. Our connecting rods transmit movements in helicopter rotors or aircraft doors but are also used as structural parts to stiffen the fuselages, wings and support different equipment: air conditioning on the second floor of Ariane 5;  all can be found in the most challenging environments (temperature, humidity, vibration …).

Let’s reveal
the potential of
the man-machine

Because our ambition is to explore the possibilities offered by new technologies by using them for the benefit of human know-how, we are constantly integrating more and more automation, electronics and industrial IT into our processes in a constant effort to improve our performance.

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Our global performance improvement is enabled by growing digitalization of our processes in synch with our employees skills adjustment.

D. DE VEYRAC - General Manager

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with our customers,
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KaliStrut news

Support for “The Joséphine”

This Thursday, January 13, 2022, Mr. de Veyrac, on behalf of our company, had the pleasure to give a check…

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2022 : Best wishes !

We are pleased to send you all our best wishes for the New Year. May 2022 open up new horizons…

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Best wishes for 2021 !

KALISTRUT AEROSPACE wishes you all the best for 2021, may this New Year bring you great opportunities for success.

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